Who is Danielle Dy…dib-all…du-vall…Dyball (die-ball)?me-gold

Here’s the page where I tell you about me…obviously, you’d like to know more about who runs the show here.

I am a one woman show, quite literally. I am a single mama of six kiddos. I work full-time at The Land Geek, run a side business here, and am joining my parents in starting a land investing business.

This website is my outlet. It’s where I process things, overcome obstacles, and help you along the way. Life is tough sometimes and when we come together and share ideas it makes things a little bit easier.

Hey, at least we know we’re not alone, right?

Anytime I can, I like to give my children jobs around here, too. Like taking pictures, editing and creating images, etc.

The two year old helps by bringing me my phone constantly, apparently I’m supposed to have that attached to my ear permanently…which is weird since I really dislike talking on the phone.

The baby helps by pressing random keys while I type, so if you ever notice a typo that’s why, really. I cannot be held accountable for typos here on my website.

Anyhow, a bit about me…

I’m Danielle and this is my website. I am a writer, a book lover, and a life simplifier. Those things are important to me…but there is so much more. I am an Orthodox Christian, a mother (but you already knew that), and we are weird unsocialized homeschoolers, but it’s all in fun. We’re not that weird and we socialize, sometimes:-)

I’m a writer, it’s how I process the world. I do a lot of my writing in journals, and when I’m done writing there I usually spend a fair amount of time talking about it. And then I venture into the big world-wide-web and share my ponderings and ideas with you—you lucky duck, you:-)

I was a stay-at-home-mom for many years, in 2015 my husband stopped working unexpectedly and I was left trying to turn my side business into a full time income. Mission Accomplished!

I have been the sole provider for my family since the beginning of 2015, my husband and I are now divorced. I tell you all this so you know where I’m coming from.

  • I know the struggles of stay-at-home moms.
  • I know the struggles or working mothers.
  • I know the struggles of work-at-home moms.
  • I know the struggles of a larger family.
  • I know the struggles of being a single mom.

I have always tried to live life to the fullest. To constantly try to improve myself, to fully thrive.

Since my ex-husband left us, I’m more devoted then ever to that mission.

  • I want my kids to know that it is not their fault their dad left.
  • I want us to live a full life, to enjoy the heck out of every moment possible.
  • To not let someone else’s baggage and bad attitude ruin our day week year life.
  • To know that someone’s sins/faults are not our own and they are not a reflection on us.
  • That other people DO NOT define us.

You’re not alone. I’m not alone.

Together we can make it through, and not just make it through life, but we can thrive!


Just in case you really want to know more about me… a few random facts


    • I was blogging before it was cool, the internet was way different back in 1997, I was 15 — you do the math.
    • My first attempt at building a website included a lot of animated GIFS and random things sprawled about on a black background, yes, it was awesome.
    • None of my children were born in a hospital, homegrown babies!
    • And of course you already know we’re homeschoolers. I learned about homeschooling while I was pregnant with my oldest and have never considered enrolling my children in school. Unless you count those moments when I feel like a total failure and I know I must be messing my kids up and they are going to need years of therapy. But then I read that good parents feel that way…so I must be awesome!
    • We have always followed a Charlotte Mason approach towards our education, her philosophy towards education seems so natural, and I did say our education because I learn so much right along side our kiddos.
    • I developed a DVT (blood clot) after the birth of our fourth baby. I managed to prevent another blood clot during and after my fifth and sixth  pregnancies without the help of medication. I’ll have to tell you the story sometime.
    • Pride and Prejudice is the best book ever…and Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy.
    • I have an addiction to journals, paper, pens, lists, notepads, and the like.
    • Back-to-School-Sales are the BEST!
    • I was born and raised in Southern California.
    • I was 25 when my then husband and I decided to get out of the busy city and move to the middle of nowhere in Utah. We were three hours from any city. It really was the middle of nowhere.
    • We lived in Utah for six years and then decided to sell off everything we owned and move to Texas. We have called Texas home since 2013.
    • Texas is not what I expected. I NEVER see cowboys, and hardly anyone says y’all. I say y’all more than these Texans. I said y’all before ever moving to Texas…I think I was meant to be born in the south. It’s weird.