Dragon Dictation Saves Time

Dragon Dictation Saves Time

I really love using Dragon Dictation. It has been such a huge time saver for me!

This post was drafted with Dragon Dictation.

Whenever my hands are busy (I’m holding a baby!) or it’s just not a great time to write, I pull out my iPhone and I start talking into the Dragon Dictation app.

It’s really as simple as that.

The app can only record up to 60 seconds at once, so every 60 seconds it does stop recording and processes your speech. But then you can just hit record again and continue talking. This actually works well for me because it helps keep me focused. Sometimes when I talk I go down a lot of rabbit trails, by stopping every 60 seconds it gives me a few seconds to catch my breath, think about what I just said, and to continue on track.

There is a handy Command Quick Sheet for all the commands that Dragon Dictation uses, but I’m really quite simple and I hardly ever even use punctuation commands, although I do use new paragraph a lot, because it helps me to space out my text so that it’s easier to edit.

Once I’m done talking, I simply press done and then I email the text to myself — I actually email it to my Evernote email address so that it goes straight into my Evernote inbox and then from there I can edit it and then copy and paste it into WordPress and my brand new blog post is ready to publish.

What is one tool that saves you time?

Dragon Dictation Saves TImeDragon Dictation Saves TIme

  • June 24, 2015

I have just received numerous ‘revelations and signs!!’ this past year that I really ought to pursue my writing, and due indeed have this app among other ones besides other books which I’ve even ‘speed,’ read on my own and researched on just how I can publish without having to pay too much!!!.

Nevertheless, I must admit that for the first time in my life, I have truly allowed for my fear of ANYTHING to really get in the way, due to my personal circumstances and haven’t moved forward. Hopefully I can receive some positive reinforcement and a little extra… Thanks a God Bless! 🙏

Ximena Cifuentes


Thanks for sharing, Ximena! Congratulations on taking the first step. Little steps everyday will keep you moving in the right direction and the fear will eventually leave! Keep up the work.

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