Offer Discounted Prices While Learning New Skills

Offer Discounted Prices While Learning New Skills

If you are in the business of serving others, then chances are good you’ll have a client who needs help with something you may not yet have a lot of experience with. It is possible to continue learning new skills while building your business and making a living.

One great thing to do you when you come across a client who needs something that you know you can do but you don’t have much experience with, is to offer them a discount while you work. I like to offer a huge discount and charge about $10 an hour which will put some money in my pocket while I get to learn something new, and then next time — I can easily triple my cost.

I did this many years ago when I was learning how to create websites. I offered huge discounts at $10 an hour and I was able to learn how to work with WordPress and build websites.

You would be able to do this with just about anything!

Some ideas:

  • Managing social media
  • Proofreading, I would only recommend small jobs done at a huge discount here
  • Website design
  • Graphic Design
  • eBook formatting
  • Discounted or free consultations
  • Anything you can think of…

It doesn’t really matter what services you’re providing, when you offer a huge discount it not only helps somebody who may not have the budget to hire an experienced individual, but it’s going to gain you experience under your belt which means that next time you’re going to be able to charge a lot more.

A word of caution! Don’t over promise, and don’t take on more than you can realistically handle. If it’s a project that you have no idea how to even get started, then PASS! Your clients will respect you more if you say that it is something you cannot do then to waste their time and money.

Really what’s better than gaining new skills, new experiences, and getting paid a little cash as well?!

Offer Discounted Prices While Learning New Skills

  • July 1, 2015