You’re a Leader, Mom—Start Leading!

You’re a Leader, Mom—Start Leading!

If you’ve spent any time with me lately, chances are good you’ve heard me carry on about moms being leaders. One of the biggest disservices we do to ourselves is to not see ourselves, us moms, as leaders. But the truth is, moms are leaders.

I’m on a mission to inspire moms to take another look in the mirror and realize that they are in fact leaders.

What would be possible if every mom realized her full leadership potential?

Because I want moms everywhere to know the impact they have, I guest posted over on Michael Nichols’ website today. Dr. Nichols’ mission is SIMPLE leadership and everything he teaches can be applied to moms and in our homes. Today I talk about 3 things every mom should do to be a great leader. Head on over and read Moms are Leaders Too!

One of the things moms must do to lead well, is to create a personal plan. Developing a personal plan can be a challenge, especially when life is full. Don’t let that stop you though, I’ve created a free SIMPLE guide to creating your own personal plan. You can download it today, create a plan with SIMPLE action items, and see a difference this week!

You're a Leader, Mom—Start Leading!

What are you waiting for, download your guide today!

Don’t forget to visit Michael Nichols’ site and read, Moms are Leaders Too!

Have you created a personal plan yet?

  • November 23, 2015